Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cephalopod Swap

So I signed up for this swap cause well I kinda like Octopods. So here are a few things I made my partner in this 5 point swap.
First up an Octopus Clock
 Followed by a hand painted and han bound Journal
 Here is a quick look at the inside.

 Next is one of my Knitting to go bags, these are also used for crochetting and spinning.

 An octopus dish/face cloth that I designed. I think I might post the pattern on here at some point, so watch for it if you like octopods. Note to self - I think I should have blocked this...
Lastly I made an octopus fimo pedent which I forgot to take a picture of cause I made it last and threw in the bag, but that's ok cause it was destroyed during shipping : (

Anyways I hope you like, I had a blast crafting for this swap and I will probably do it again when the next round comes about.

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