Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Pattern

Here is the first knitting pattern I designed in August. I have designed a few others since then but this is the first one I have made. I did make a dish cloth from this pattern, but can I find it any where? Nope..

Anyways I hope you enjoy

Monday, November 22, 2010

Altered Fairy Tales Swap - January 2010

I had a really hard time with this swap. My partner liked zombies and well I don't like them too much. But in the end I again went over board in this swap and sent my partner a really cool package. There were extras but here are the items that I made for her. I made her an Alice in Zombe Land dress with Assault apron. The blue dress is seperate from the apron and I only added "blood splatter" to the apron incase she wanted to use the dress by its self for something. I love how this turned out and I and thrilled that I able to try pleating with the apron.  Again I had a realy hard time givning this away, and I was choked that my partner didn't even bother to take pictures of it. I loved it though so I guess thats all that matters.

Big Beautiful Woman Swap December 2009 - package two

Well as things go in the world of swapping there are bound to ba a few flakers : ( And I hate flakers, so I try and help people out by filling in for some one who has flaked. This is what I did for the BBW sawp. After sending my package to Australia I offered to send another package to a gal in the USA. Bellow are a few pictures of the stuff I made for her. Now for both of these packages I also sent baught items but I am just posting the stuff I make on this blog. These were my first attempts at working with stretchy fabric and I think they turned out great!

Big Beautiful Woman Swap December 2009 - package one

Here is the first package I sent out for th BBW sawp. I made a punk dress and apron for a gal that lives in Australia, and she just loved it. I had a blast making it and you can't realy see in the pictures, but there are two chains drapped on the left side of the dress in the picture.

 Craft apron of skully goodness. I really wanted to keep this for my self, but I was good and sent it off, lol.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knit Picks Wish List

Well it's that time of year again and Knit Picks is having thier wish list contest, and as such here is one of my links.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Tree Painting

OK I Love making tree painting. And this past summer I finally painted something for my own wall. I Have a weakness for blue and so I painted this in some of my favorite blues. Any ways I think this painting just speeks for it self so here it is
                                                           ~ Dawns First Light!~

New Bag!

So I whipped up a new bag today. I took one of my existing patterns and I revamped it and I am just loving the new look. I LOVE the adjustable strap and I love that I can fit 2 skiens of yarn in it and it still has a bit of room. With the flap closure I can knit two socks with each strand of yarn coming out from either side of the flap. And of course I LOVE satin so of course it is lined with satin. I Hope you all like it as much as I do!

                                             3 Skiens shoved in and if need be I could fit a 4th
                                             Three skiens standing on end, just a cool pic, lol

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cephalopod Swap

So I signed up for this swap cause well I kinda like Octopods. So here are a few things I made my partner in this 5 point swap.
First up an Octopus Clock
 Followed by a hand painted and han bound Journal
 Here is a quick look at the inside.

 Next is one of my Knitting to go bags, these are also used for crochetting and spinning.

 An octopus dish/face cloth that I designed. I think I might post the pattern on here at some point, so watch for it if you like octopods. Note to self - I think I should have blocked this...
Lastly I made an octopus fimo pedent which I forgot to take a picture of cause I made it last and threw in the bag, but that's ok cause it was destroyed during shipping : (

Anyways I hope you like, I had a blast crafting for this swap and I will probably do it again when the next round comes about.

Fingerless Gloves

Here are a lovely pair of gloves that I made for my mom's b-day. The pattern is called Veyla and can be found HERE. They were nice to knit and took me 4 days to knit the pair, and I'm a relative newbie to knitting. I modified the pattern to add in the half fingers.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shawl - Second knit project

So for my Grandmothers b-day I thought I would make her a shawl. Being my second knit project it was 2 months late. A majour pain in the butt, but a great learning experience. And hey I learned how to read charts, block and remember to bind off first.

Glass Etchings

So about a month ago I made a set of Star Wars glasses for a friends b-day. He loves them so much he wants me to make him some more, so when I get the time I shall do just that for him.

So yeah I really just wanted to show off my glass etching skillz, lol. It was fun and easy the hardest part was cutting out the stencile. Hope you enjoy, lol.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Bento Wish list

 With Alex starting school next year I really want to start collecting supplies so that I can make her really awesome Bento style lunches next year. So I figured I would put together a list of desired items so that I could keep track of the items I want and them eventually have. Now all I need to do is find a really awesome hello kitty bento box set!Bento Wish List

Sunday, September 12, 2010


OK I hate it when I never have enough info or give enough infor when it comes to swaps. One of my current craft partners had a blog post similair to this one and I figured it was a great idea, so hey I copied it.

~ ABOUT ME:  I am a mom, a student and an entrepreneur. I am making my way threw university to become an Anthropologist. I love history and crafting these are my two loves that keep me sane, well what's left of my sanity. Life is too short so you might as well enjoy it while you can! My daughter is awesome and my world revolves around her. She loves getting gifts as much as I do, so if you feel like sending her a treat that would be great.


  • Themes: Cherry Blossoms, Dark or Warrior Angels, Fairies, Trees, Tentacles, Rockabelly, Punky, Dragon, Hello Kitty, Pheonix, Dark and cute, siloetts, Celtic, vampires, anime/manga
  • Colours: Black, Pink, Black, Purple, Red 
  • Animals: Cats, Wolves, Dolphins, Mythical, Butterflies
  • Fabrics: Modern, Black and white prints, Japanese, Flour de les, Plaids
  • Yarns: Cotton, Wool (merino and super wash are faves), Soft Acrylics, Bamboo, anything not harsh or itchy, the softer the better : )
  • Scents: Herbal, Poem by lancome, Not sweet or overly floral, cinnomon, clove, lemon, orange, Lavender, Chocolate, Mint, Coffee
  • Films: Star Trek (2009), Princess Bride, Hood winked, Lord of the rings, Alice In Wonderland (2009), Sweeney Tod, Serenity, Witches of Eastwick
  • Books: Karen Marie Monging Books, Gena Showalter Books, Kim Harrison Books, Enders Game, Southern Vampire Series, Wheel of time, Dragon Lance, Alice in Wonderland, LITTLE RED RIDDING HOOD, Forgotten Realms, Terry Goodkind, Dean Koontz, General Fantasy Books, Craft books/Mags
  • Manga: Sailor moon, Vampire Knigh, Clannad, Karen, Inuyasha,  
  • Music: Paramorn, Panic at the Disco!, NIN, Desturbed, The Tea Party, Metalica, Megadea
  • TV Shows: Dollhouse, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Castle, Doctor Who, Blood Ties, Bones, Nikita, Dexter, NCIS, Law and Order, Charmed, Eastwick, Forever Knight, Knidred: The Embraced, Lie to me, Moonlight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries
  • Shirt: XL - XXL
  • Pants: 18 - 20
  • Shoes: 9.5
  • Neck lace: 19in
  • Ring: 7
~STYLE: I dress kinda nice (slacka and blouses), but I also love jeans and a tee. I have pierced ears and I love hair clips. I Love neclaces and I LOVE celtic jewelry. I Love rockabelly and punky. I am a sucker for hats, I love them to bits, give me a news boy hat and I'll drool, lol. I love dresses and skirts, and can never have enough shoes.

~CRAFTS I DO: Knit, Sew, paint, draw, chrochet, I also make bath and body products, glass etching.

~CRAFTS I ADMIRE: I just love handmade goods. Crafted glass is awesome and I would sincearly love a piece or two. Knit, Sew, paint, draw, chrochet, body products, leather work, jewelry, burned wood, or general wood crafts, Paintings or other wall art, resin items, poly clay items, Modified shirts and stenciling, glass etching, Alltered books, Embrodery, honestly anything would be awesome.

~CRAFTS I WANT TO LEARN: Wood burning, glass crafting, metal casting, chain mail, Poly Clay, leather working

~CRAFTS I DON'T DO: Wood burning, glass crafting, metal casting, chain mail, Jewelry making, Poly Clay, leather working, Embrodery, beading, Altered books, Carving, cross stich

  • A modified 7 day pill case
  • A quilt
  • A Bag
  • kniting bag
  • yarn
  • fabric
  • Jar of whimsies
  • Mini cupboard - doesn't have to be witch can be alchemist even
  • Pendents - glass or resin
  • Hand bound Journals
  • Wall art
  • Fairy door
  • Jar of buttons and other sewing accessories
  • Matching kitchengoodies
  • Matching bathroom accessories
  • Tea
  • modified nature, lol, (items made from wood, rocks, shells, feathers)
  • Tea pot or mug
  • Bento box items
  • books
~DISLIKES: I hate gore and zombies. I have a wheat intolerencey so no items made from wheat. No Clowns please I just don't find them appealing. I'm not fond of orange. Please no Catholic art like saints and/or Marry, I'm fine with crosses but I am more of a nature person.

  • I really hope that this helps, but all in all I'm easie so just have a blast

My first craft blog

I figured after all of these years of crafting I might start a blog about my projects and projects that I love made by others. What artist doesn't need a portfolio, lol.