Monday, November 22, 2010

Altered Fairy Tales Swap - January 2010

I had a really hard time with this swap. My partner liked zombies and well I don't like them too much. But in the end I again went over board in this swap and sent my partner a really cool package. There were extras but here are the items that I made for her. I made her an Alice in Zombe Land dress with Assault apron. The blue dress is seperate from the apron and I only added "blood splatter" to the apron incase she wanted to use the dress by its self for something. I love how this turned out and I and thrilled that I able to try pleating with the apron.  Again I had a realy hard time givning this away, and I was choked that my partner didn't even bother to take pictures of it. I loved it though so I guess thats all that matters.

Big Beautiful Woman Swap December 2009 - package two

Well as things go in the world of swapping there are bound to ba a few flakers : ( And I hate flakers, so I try and help people out by filling in for some one who has flaked. This is what I did for the BBW sawp. After sending my package to Australia I offered to send another package to a gal in the USA. Bellow are a few pictures of the stuff I made for her. Now for both of these packages I also sent baught items but I am just posting the stuff I make on this blog. These were my first attempts at working with stretchy fabric and I think they turned out great!

Big Beautiful Woman Swap December 2009 - package one

Here is the first package I sent out for th BBW sawp. I made a punk dress and apron for a gal that lives in Australia, and she just loved it. I had a blast making it and you can't realy see in the pictures, but there are two chains drapped on the left side of the dress in the picture.

 Craft apron of skully goodness. I really wanted to keep this for my self, but I was good and sent it off, lol.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knit Picks Wish List

Well it's that time of year again and Knit Picks is having thier wish list contest, and as such here is one of my links.